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Greetings and thank you very much, a pride for your visit to this site!

The Site
blendfile.com as a place to share about "Free CC0 3D Models .Blend File".

July 2018 thought to put it online all the assets learned from Blender software, rather than just stored in notebook hard drive. Maybe some people there need it. But that does not mean a reason to learn and become a professional 3d assets, although not every day upload. You may be wondering: why would people spend hours of their own time to create file, share package it, and then give it all away? The answers are as varied as the people who contribute. Some people like to help others.

All files that have been shared by the site are free without credit or encrypted file, including if you want to sell, as personal assets and add into your work in accordance with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy that apply on this site. For more information, you can directly Contact Us.

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